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A Humorous Approach to Getting Skinny and Healthy
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Rehab for Weight Loss  

A Humorous Approach to Getting Skinny and Healthy
A Book by Cheri Haug

Do you weigh more now than you did 5 years ago?
Do you weigh more now than your 
starting weight before your last diet? 
If so, buy this book!

My name is Cheri Haug. Since 2010 I have lost 55 pounds without going on a diet! Iíve lost 10 inches off my waist, 10 inches off my hips and 5 inches off my thighs. I went from a size 18 jeans to a size 11 and from size extra large to a medium in everything else. I feel like Iíve turned back the hands of time. Iím proud of my tight butt.  I feel more fit, attractive and happy. Iíve lost my extra chins, my spare tire and my bat wings. And for the first time in my life I can actually run! 
Best of all, I feel healthy!

This is the first time in my life that Iíve truly managed to make permanent changes and keep the weight off.

This book is not a diet. Diets have never worked for me. Iíve lost 5 or 10 pounds here and there on various diets. I could never stay on one long enough to get down to my goal weight. And I just kept gaining weight with the passing of each year.

Rehab for Weight Loss is simply a common sense approach to losing weight and keeping it off without dieting.

Iíve written a book entitled "Rehab for Weight Loss" and will be submitting it for publication soon. If you would like to be notified when the book comes out, please send me an email!


February 2013
135 lbs.
xcheri-class-reunion-2005.jpg (91679 bytes)
Cheri, pretty fat!
July 2005
180 lbs. Yikes!
White suit?  What was I thinking?
cheri-may-2010-river.jpg (49050 bytes)
Cheri, gettin' fatter!
May 2010
Up to 190 lbs.  OMG!
cheri-may-2011.jpg (56891 bytes)
Cheri, finally gettin' a clue
May 2011
Down to 169 lbs.
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